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Extraordinary Parish Council meeting

The Parish Council will hold an Extraordinary Meeting on 14th April to discuss the proposed purchase of the Baptist Church and other items. The agenda for this meeting is here. The meeting will be held via internet link. Anyone wanting to attend the meeting please email the Clerk to get a link. The email addresss is

14th April 2020 Extraordinary Parish Council meeting agenda

The Agenda papers can be found here

14th April 2020 agenda papers

Coronavirus Community Hubs

Network of coordination and response hubs launched  

A network of COVID-19 Coordination and Response Hubs has been launched across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. 

This includes the countywide co-ordination hub, which has been in operation now for almost two weeks, and local hubs that are being led by the district/city councils.  

The countywide hub is focussed on supporting residents who have been identified as shielding and being of the highest risk. It will ensure that critical services across the public sector, such as care for the elderly, can continue through the support of staff who have been redeployed from other council services and partner organisations and the support of volunteers.  

This work includes ensuring our most vulnerable residents have access to food, medicines and other important supplies, as well as ensuring broader social needs are met as far as possible, to minimise anxiety. 

The district and city hubs will provide more local support, for residents across their communities and will respond to individual offers of help or requests for support. They will also connect with and support mutual aid and other community-led initiatives. 

Working closely with the countywide hub, they will also respond to individual requests for help and offers of assistance that fall outside the scope of the support being offered to those who are identified as being of the highest risk. 

Each of the district and city councils will have information on their websites from tomorrow about the local hubs including how people can get in touch and access help and support. We will provide more details of each hub in a follow up email to all subscribers of this Update.

To contact the countywide hub, people are being asked, where possible, to do so online at or 

The countywide hub can also be contacted Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, and Saturdays 9am to 1pm at  or on 0345 045 5219 

Parish Council meetings during coronavirus situation

The Coronavirus Act 2020 empowers the Parish Council to meet remotely thereby complying with the requirement not to hold public meetings. Witchford Parish Council is investigating options for holding meetings remotely and is currently planning to hold the meeting on 1st April using Cisco Webex Meetings.

The agenda for the meeting will be posted on the Witchford Residents Facebook page and the draft Minutes will be posted there immediately they are written up. The Parish Council will also post a short ‘Summary of Decisions’ document giving a easy to access list of the decisions made by the Parish Council at the meeting.

All these documents can be sent by email direct to any person who wants them by emailing the Clerk at