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Budget 2019-20

Precept 2019-20

Witchford Parish Council derives most of its funding from a share (called ‘the precept’) of the Council Tax, which is collected by East Cambridgeshire District Council. The precept is the sum the Parish Council requires to fund its activities and services. The Parish Council also receives a small amount of rental income (from ‘herbage’ and ‘wayleaves’) and recharges the County Council for cutting the highway verges. This income is put towards reducing the precept payable by residents. The Parish Council also applies for grants where applicable, to enable it to implement capital schemes such as traffic calming.

Audit 2018-19

Notice of Electors’ Rights pt1

Notice of Electors’ Rights pt2

Notice of Electors’ Rights pt3

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting Statement

External Auditor Report and Certificate

Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Financial Documents 2018-19

Receipts and Payments 31st March 2019

Bank Reconciliation 31st March 2019

Asset Register 31st March 2019

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 2017-18

Notice of conclusion of audit 001.jpg

External auditor report 001.jpg

Notice of Unaudited Accounts and Electors’ Rights to inspect the Parish Council accounts for 2017-18

Notice of publication of unaudited accounts 001.jpg

Internal audit report 2017-18 001.jpg

Electors' rights notice 2 001.jpg

Electors' rights notice 001.jpg

AGAR Section 2 001.jpg

AGAR Section 1 001.jpg

Precept and Budget 2018-19

The 2018-19 precept is £50076. The full budget and precept calculations can be read here:

Budget 2018-19 v4.pdf

Precept calculation 2018.pdf

The Parish Council reviews its draft budget and precept calculation in a special budget meeting on the third Wednesday of every October, and these are finalised in December. All meetings are open to the public and the finance documents are open for public inspection.

Financial Regulations

The Parish Council’s financial procedures are operated in accordance with the Financial Regulations – based on a national model – here

Witchford Parish Council Financial Regulations 2015.pdf


The Parish Council’s accounts and procedures are independently audited every year.


2016-17 external audit form pg1.jpg

2016-17 external audit form pg2 001.jpg

2016-7 external audit form pg3.jpg

Asset register 310317

2017-18 Financial Documents

Precept calculation 2017-18.pdf

Budget 2017-18.pdf

Asset register 310318.pdf

Receipts and payments 310318.xlsx