Witchford Parish Council has a number of short, medium and long term project which it is currently workingon. The projects cover areas including transport, play areas and information.
The list of projects and how they are prioritised is decided by the Councillors based on a number of criteria including addressing issues raised by residents.

Short term projects are usually funded within a single year, medium and long term projects are funded across multiple years, in some cases funds are reserved over a number of years in to be spent at a future date – e.g. for planned refurbishment of play areas.

Funding comes from multiple sources including the County Council Local Highways Initiative, S106 & CILpayments associated with developments within the village and from the village precept.

The progess of the current projects is tracked in the project plans.

Project Plan 2018-19.pdf


Witchford Transport Plan
Transport projects are taken from the Witchford Transport Plan which pulls current and future plans together into a long term holistic plan.The latest version of the Witchford Transport Plan can be read here

Transport Plan Jan 18.xlsx.pdf


Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire

Cambridgeshire County Council is the Highway Authority for this area and has published a Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire. This includes high-level policy proposals as well as details of highway improvement schemes throughout the District. A copy can be seen at this link to the County Council website.

Transport Strategy for East Cambridgeshire

Automated Traffic Data

In November 2016 the Parish Council commissioned an automated traffic count to measure traffic flow in, out and through the village.

There is a known skew in the data, over the period of the week the village appears to gain 546 vehicles. There are 2 explanations for this:

  1. Due to the positioning of the counting device on Common Road any vehicle using the Greenham Park industrial estate won’t have been counted as leaving the village.
  2. From a total of over 37,000 in and out bound journeys 546 is within the error limits of the counting devices.

This the raw data spreadsheet supplied by the company

Witchford ATC.xlsx

This is a spread created from the raw data looking at traffic flows only


Here is the analysis of the data

Traffic Data Analysis_16Jan18.pdf

ATC results analysis_180116.pdf

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