Witchford Parish Council is always keen to hear the views of residents and welcomes comments and suggestions from residents at any time. Please contact the Clerk directly if you wish to raise anything with the Parish Council.

From time to time the Parish Council also undertakes focussed consultations with residents on particular matters. Details of the latest consultations can be found below.


The Parish Council is consulting residents on whether to purchase a zip wire for young people in Witchford, and if so, should the zip wire be placed on the Common, Victoria Green or at another location. The survey can be completed via this link, or just email the Clerk with your views at . Open until 30th November 2020.

Zip wire online survey


CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) is a payment made by housing developers to be spent on infrastructure to offset the effect of additional homes in the village. As new homes are built in Witchford the Parish Council receives a CIL payment via ECDC.  

CIL funds must be used for supporting the development of the village by “funding the provision, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure”, such as highways schemes, educational facilities, flood defences, open space, recreational facilities and medical facilities (buildings only). CIL can pay for smaller-scale schemes that the Parish Council can fund and project-manage totally itself or it can be a contribution towards much larger schemes that will be managed and controlled by other organisations.

CIL cannot be used to cover the ongoing costs of providing a service, so it could not be used to provide a bus service, for instance, or to fund a youth club other than the costs of purchasing equipment. CIL can’t be spent on any project outside of the Witchford parish boundary.

What about a doctor’s surgery? CIL can be used to fund and equip a building or set of rooms for medical services. However, the actual provision of a doctor or other medical professional depends on the local Clinical Commissioning Group’s priorities for the Ely area, and is totally out of the Parish Council’s control.

The Parish Council currently has £157,304 in CIL funds. The Parish Council will receive an additional 25% of the total CIL on future housing development in Witchford, but it must be spent or allocated to achievable projects within 5 years of receipt or be returned to the District Council.

CIL funds present a great opportunity to provide a greater selection of amenities for all ages and tastes. So, the Parish Council wants to know what Witchford residents think this money should be spent on. The ideas listed in this survey are those which occurred most regularly in the responses to the Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire from February 2018, but we also want to know if you have any other ideas. The survey can be completed via this link, or just email the Clerk with your views at . Open until 30th November 2020.

CIL online survey