As a temporary measure while coronavirus remains a public health risk, Witchford Parish Council agreed to set up a village working party that meets via zoom on the third Wednesday of each month. This is open to the public and a zoom link can be obtained by emailing

The purpose of the working party meeting is to allow members of the public who do not wish to attend face to face meetings to still have access to Councillors and to be able to ask questions or put forward their views on current topics of interest in the village. A list of the topics to be discussed at the working party will be published on this page (but members of the public can also raise other items if they wish). The outcomes of the discussions at the working party, including any recommendations to the Parish Council, will also be published here.

The Parish Council will meet on the first Wednesday of the month following the village working party meeting, and will review the topics discussed at the working party. The working party discussion and recommendations may inform the Parish Council’s decisions on these topics, but must not dictate the decisions. The Parish Council will still make its own decisions at the full Parish Council meeting (to be held at the village hall in Bedwell Hey Lane, and open to the public).